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Hi, my name is Jaime, and I love books.

Books aren’t just a job for me, they are my one true love. I feel every book has a purpose, and I believe in the power of entertainment for entertainment’s sake. I also believe the written word has the magical potential to educate, inform, inspire, and to make the world a better place. Reading has largely shaped the person I am today, and my passion for sharing that with the world is what makes me such a dedicated editor.

When you hire me, I work with you every step of the way to ensure your finished product is something you are proud of. I will check in with you between projects to see how things are going, not just with your manuscript, but with your life. I might also push you to finish faster so I can get my hands on your words. Sorry about that in advance! My attention to detail and ability to spot issues both big and small put me in the position to help you produce the very best version of your manuscript, all while respecting your authorial voice. So if you’re looking for an editor who will be your biggest cheerleader, your shoulder to lean on, and your most honest critic, then look no further. I’m right here!

Now, you may be asking yourself why I chose to become an editor. Well, I’m here to tell you!

Misspelled words, typos, grammatical errors, etc., always seemed to jump out at me everywhere I looked. I couldn’t stop seeing them and wanting to correct them. My husband would say things like “Why don’t you become an editor?” and “Could you please stop editing the love notes I write you and asking me to rewrite them?”

I always rolled my eyes, but his words took root in my subconscious. I don’t mean the part about editing his love notes—that was never going to stop. I mean the part about becoming an editor. Eventually, I reached out to a book club friend who worked with authors. (Shoutout to Aimee!!) She added me to a Facebook group for independent authors looking for ARC readers, alpha and beta readers, and service providers, and I saw a need for approachable and reliable editors. In 2021, I took on my first few clients, and Baker Street Revisions was born.

I offer substantive rewriting, manuscript evaluations, line editing, and copyediting, as well as proofreading services within the fiction genre. Please check out the rest of my website and contact me to see if we are a good fit!

I offer free sample edits for all my editing services, excluding manuscript evaluations. If interested, please check out my Terms and Conditions.


Baker Street Revisions offers the following:

Substantive Rewriting

Manuscript Evaluations

Line Editing



Moral Support

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